How Much Does Toilet Repair Cost?

You should expect to pay about $250 - $450 to repair a toilet. Toilet repair costs vary greatly depending on your specific need (running toilet, cracked bowl, loose toilets...). Toilets are expensive items to completely replace, and most of the time it makes more sense to repair a toilet instead of completely replacing one.

Toilet Repair Cost Breakdown:

Common Toilet Repair Costs

Here are the most common problems with toilets:

  • Toilet Leaks - Repairing a leaky toilet cost around $150. Fixing a toilet leak ASAP is important as it can lead to high water bills.
  • Clogged Toilets - Many times you can repair a clogged toilet on your own if you have a plunger. For some clogged toilets you will need to call a professional and that will usually cost around $100.
  • Cracked Toilet Bowls - Fixing a cracked toilet bowl costs around $150. Cracked bowls can be dangerous and often lead to further damage if it isn't fixed immediately.
  • Loose Toilets - Fixing a loose toilet typically costs around $125. Loose toilets can lead to leaks and are potentially dangerous to anyone using the toilet.
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Tips for Hiring a Toilet Repair Pro

Follow these simple tips to save time and money on toilet repairs, while making sure that you hire a trusted pro:

  • Compare Rates From Multiple Pros - You con get the lowest price on toilet repair simply by comparing rates from a few different contractors and having them compete for your business.
  • Verify License and Insurance - Only work with fully licensed and insured toilet repair pros to avoid unwanted hassles and get high quality work.
  • Read Reviews/Ratings - Choosing a company that is either pre-screened for quality control (all ShoutWire partners have been verified) or has great customer ratings is a good way to avoid low quality contractors.

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