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If you are interested in leasing or buying a shipping container, then you've come to the right place! is the ultimate source for new and used shipping containers, with an extensive selection, custom container modifications, tons of optional features, low prices, and a large network of partners. Whether you are looking to store some office records, construction equipment or sports gear, ShoutWire will ensure that you find the right shipping container for your needs. Check out this page for information about sizes, financing options, delivery and site preparation and find answers to common questions. If you are just looking for rates on a container, you can fill out the instant quote request form right now.

Shipping Container Costs - Rent, Lease or Purchase

Shipping container costs vary depending on your choice of financing, which are: renting, buying and leasing. Your decision on which financing method is best for you typically comes down to your budget, and how long you need storage. Another consideration is if you aren't sure exactly how much stuff you need to store, you may opt for a more flexible purchasing option so that you can either upsize, or downsize your unit. Here's additional details on the three financing options:

Shipping Container Rental Rates

Renting a shipping container is a good option for customers who don't have a large budget, aren't positive about the size they need, or aren't sure how long they will need the container. If you only need the container for a few months, then a rental is your best option. Rentals are the most affordable choice, here's a breakdown of common rental rates:

  • 10' Rentals - $75/Month
  • 20' Rentals - $95/Month
  • 40' Rentals - $125/Month

Shipping Container Leasing

Many customers choose shipping container leasing if they need a long term storage solution (12 or more months), and potentially want to own the container down the line. Leasing a shipping container has the benefits of of low monthly fees, while at the same time either paying off the container or giving you the option to purchase the unit at the end of the lease. Here's a breakdown of common shipping container leasing prices:

  • 10' Leases - $50/Month
  • 20' Leases - $65/Month
  • 40' Leases - $80/Month

Monthly rates will vary greatly depending on upfront costs, and duration of the lease agreement.

New & Used Shipping Container Sales Costs

Buying a shipping container is the smart choice for customers who need storage for a long period of time, and have the budget for it. While purchasing a shipping container is more expensive than renting or leasing, it is still an extremely affordable long term storage solution. Here's a breakdown of costs for shipping container sales:

  • 10' Container Sales - $3,000 New, $1,500 Used
  • 20' Container Sales - $3,750 New, $2,000 Used
  • 40' Container Sales - $4,500 New, $2,500 Used

Shipping Container Sizes

Choosing the right size shipping container for your needs is important for a variety of different reasons. You need to make sure that you have enough space for your unit on your property, and you want to make sure that you have enough storage space for your things. Here's a breakdown of the most popular sized containers:

10' Shipping Container 10 Feet 8 Ft 8'
20' Shipping Container 20 Feet 8 Ft 8'
40' Shipping Container 40 Feet 8 Ft 8'
48' Shipping Container 48 Feet 8 Ft 8'
54' Shipping Container 54 Feet 8 Ft 8'

Additional Types of Shipping Containers

While the vast majority of units that you will find are just standard units, in some special circumstances you may need another type of unit. Here are additional types:

  • High Cube Shipping Containers - high cube, or HC, are 9.5' high and the same width as a standard unit.
  • Extra-Wide Shipping Containers - extra wide units are rare, because at 9.5 ft wide it makes transporting the unit much more difficult.
  • Refrigerated Shipping Containers - also referred to as reefers, they are much heavier, and more expensive than a standard container due to the cooling system.

Shipping Container Delivery

Delivering a container is typically pretty straightforward, and costs $75-$150 depending on your location and distance to the container depot. Delivery costs will be slightly higher for high cube shipping containers, as they are taller and slightly more difficult to transport.

  1. Make sure the area is relatively flat and firm. Concrete, gravel, grass, and dirt are the most common places to keep it.
  2. Measure the area so that you have a few feet on at least two sides of the unit, especially on the side of the door opening (even more important if you have swinging doors)
  3. Make sure there is a clear path for the delivery truck to drop off the container.

Optional Features

You've got a lot of options when it comes to customizing a shipping container, here are a few of the most popular:

  • Advanced locking systems
  • Air vents
  • Shelves and storage racks
  • Ramps
  • Custom paint
  • Window cutouts (ticket windows)
  • Refrigeration

Shipping Container F.A.Q.

While buying a new or used shipping container may seem like simple task, once you start your search you'll find that there is a lot of classifications to rate a container and a lot of other industry terms that often can make it seem much more difficult than it initially seems. Here's some of the most common questions people have when looking for a conex shipping container:

What Conditions Do Shipping Containers Come In?

There many different ratings for container conditions, here are the most common:

  • ISO Certified - Certified by the International Shipping Organization
  • CW/Cargo Worthy - cargo worthy units are inspected for damage and are water-tight and waterproof.
  • One-trip Containers - one trip containers are like new units that have been shipped overseas only one time (most containers are manufactured in China, so technically all "new" containers are one-trip containers).
  • IILC-5 -

What Payment Options Are There?

Check, invoice, credit card, and cash are generally accepted. It depends whether you are leasing, renting or purchasing a unit, and your local dealer.

What Are Some Popular Uses?

There's a ton of popular applications from record storage, inventory storage, construction equipment storage to shipping container homes and more. Containers are strong, lightweight, and highly customizable making them great for many different projects.

Are Containers Secure?

Yes, containers are made to withstand harsh weather and transport around the world. They are made from steel, which is one of the strongest metals and can be equipped with advanced locking systems to keep your valuable items safe, even when unsupervised.