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Tips For Hiring A Painting Company

Renovating a house carries with it a lot of considerations and costs. Many people tend to overlook painting as something that has a massive cost attached to it, but once you start dissecting the costs of having a professional paint job done, you start to realize that it needs to be given its own level of respect as far as adding to the cost of a home renovation. Painting allows a house to look complete; without it, the house always has this sense of incompleteness about it. Here we take a look at a few tips to help you hire the best painting company for your needs.

Cost to Quality Ratio

Painting companies aren't exactly hard to find. Many large cities (and even rural areas) can boast a large number of painting contractors. The key here is determining which professionals would work best given the needs of your job. It is at this point that you need to consider the cost to quality ratio that a painter provides to your building. Costs of painting a home depends on the cost of the paint used and the cost of labor. Paint costs can range between $350 to $700 dollars for low to medium quality paint all the way up to $500 to $1,700 dollars for high quality paint for a simple 3,000 square foot building. This doesn't include the cost for rotted wood or siding that needs to be replaced prior to painting or changing a house from a light color to a darker one (since this usually requires more paint). The fact of the matter is that in many cases, spending more money will get you a better job. However, the painting contractor you choose determines the overall final quality of a job. Make sure that you inspect previous works done by the contractor and ask for an itemized bill so that you can see exactly how the money was spent in order to achieve the final effect.

Why Hiring a Painting Company Is Better Than DIY

After seeing the costs associated with painting, many owners prefer to go the do-it-yourself method. There are a number of things that could go wrong with the DIY method, especially when it comes to a complex task such as painting. One of the most important factors here is time. A professional painter usually gets a job done (and usually done well) in about a quarter of the time that it would take an average person to get it done. This also frees up time of the owner to deal with other parts of the overall maintenance, supposing that painting isn't the only maintenance being done for the renovation. Another major drawback to DIY painting here is the cost to the owner. Generally, costs of paint and equipment are usually absorbed into the overall cost of the painting job put forward by the contractor. However, if a DIY owner decides to buy the paint and equipment themselves, it quickly comes to light that the cost of equipment usually overshadows the price that would be paid to a general contractor to get the job done. Overall, the professionals have the right idea when it comes to getting jobs like these done and reinventing the wheel is a futile attempt to save money. By and large, professional painting companies are much better and quicker at getting a painting job done in a much faster time that you would be able to get it done yourself.

Reasons to Go With Professional Painters

Professionals are professionals for a reason. They have the training and the experience that makes them the obvious choice when it comes to choosing who does that particular job. When you're a building owner, professionals are the best way to go for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Experience: Having done this job for a number of years, painting contractors have usually seen far more in their careers than we can see in our lives and have learned the best ways to deal with it. Experience counts for a lot in the field of painting or anything else that requires specialized skills.
  • Cost effective: Costs of hiring professional painting companies usually pay for themselves, simply by ensuring you get what you want and the way you want it and minimizing the occurrence of mishaps that may lead to you having to pay far more than the original job would cost otherwise.
  • Speedy Execution: On the average, a professional painter can do about four times as much work in the same space of time than a layman can do. This translates to completion of a job up to four times faster than if the job were given to a non-professional.
  • Stress Reduction: Possibly the number one reason to hire a professional painting company is the reduction in stress for the owner. As an owner, the stress level of a major remodel can be immense. Removing just a bit of that stress by hiring a professional painter is one of the easiest things you can do. Knowing a professional is taking care of this aspect allows you to relax just a little.

Tips for Hiring an Interior Painter

Painting isn't just an exterior job. The interior of a building needs to be painted as well. When it comes to interior painters, there are a few things that you need to check before hiring them, such as:

  • Check Previous Work and References: Usually when a contractor is good, the previous clients are glad to offer a glowing review. Meeting and contacting previous jobs that the contractor has worked on helps you to get an idea of how well the contractor performs all of their work.
  • Take Note of Paint Type: Interior paints can be dangerous. Ensure that your painter uses lead-free paint in buildings.
  • Prep for Painting: A building needs to be prepared before time for painting. Ensure that your painting contractor sees to the preparation of the building for painting and that all important areas are covered.
  • Enquire about Extraneous Costs: Ensure that what you pay for the job includes all the material necessary and ensure that you do not pay for anything that does not fall within your job scope. Keeping an itemized bill helps with determining individual cost.

How to Get the Best Prices From a Painting Contractor

Getting the best prices for a painting contractor comes down to determining when to best approach a contractor for a quote. Usually, in the early spring or late fall, contractors prices tend to be lower. Capitalizing on this is key to getting a good price for the job. Another thing to ensure that you get the best price is to compare quotes from at least three contractors. If the quotes are too distant from each other to determine what a good price should average to be, you should check a fourth for confirmation. Remember: The best price may not always be the lowest; it would be the one that the most contractors would quote as a "good" price, since the best value you can get would be the one that best reflects the average market price based on cost.

Contractors and Subcontracting

It is advised that when you select a contractor, you limit subcontracting. This has the benefit of allowing you to more closely control the work while at the same time, keeping the job simple. One of the things that renovators tend to hire painting contractors for is to ease the stress associated with it. Allowing for subcontracting simply compounds the stress associated with the job rather than easing it. It is, therefore, advised to tell your contractor that subcontracting is not something you would want taking place on your job. Then ensure that the contractor complies with your request.