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Guide to Construction Equipment Rentals

You'll find everything from typical equipment rental rates, top equipment manufacturers, and tons of essential information on equipment rentals right here on Whether you are a large construction company that frequently rents heavy machinery, or you are just looking to rent some equipment for a small project around your house, can help. Check out the guide below for everything you need to know about earthmoving equipment rentals.

Choosing an Equipment Rental Company

Choosing the right equipment rental company is often more difficult than it sounds. Many equipment companies will advertise low rates to attract more customers, but then they make up the cost by charging high delivery fees or add on other fees and charges. If you are renting a bunch of different types of equipment it's more convenient to choose a rental company that offers all the equipment, and usually you can end up getting a discount since you are renting many machines at the same time. It's also a good idea to read reviews from past customers, as there are many equipment rental companies that have poor customer service and don't maintain their equipment well. The easiest way to find a dependable, affordable heavy equipment rental company is by finding your nearest city right here on ShoutWire and filling out a quick quote or by calling one of our partners listed in your area. ShoutWire screens local companies and only partners with the best, so you don' have to waste time doing your own research.

Tips For Getting the Best Rates on Heavy Equipment Rentals

Getting the best rates on equipment rentals is easier than it's ever been now that you've come to We have tools that help you find the best rental companies as well as help you quickly compare rates from them, saving you both time and money. Here are a few simple steps to getting the best rate:

  • Select the Right Equipment for the Job - Selecting the right equipment for the job is crucial to getting a great rate. If you can get by with a 20 ft aerial lift rental, there's no point in paying much more for a 50 ft lift.
  • Compare Rates From Multiple Companies - Comparing rates is the best way to ensure that you are getting the lowest possible rate.
  • Ask For Specials - Many companies offer promotions to entice customers to choose them over their competition, so don't be afraid to ask.

Typical Equipment Rental Rates

Here are some typical rates for a few of the most popular types of equipment rentals:

  • Backhoe Rental - $340 per day.
  • Boom Lift Rental - $250 per day.
  • Excavator Rental - $675 per day
  • Forklift Rental - $225 per day.
  • Scissor Lift Rental - $200 per day.
  • Skidsteer Rental - $400 per day.

Buying Vs. Renting Earthmoving Equipment

Many customers think that purchasing heavy equipment is the way to go, that is until they find out how expensive purchasing equipment can be. Purchasing construction equipment typically costs upwards of $10,000 and can exceed more than $100,000 for large capacity, heavy equipment. Unless you have access to financing and plan on using the machinery a lot, and for a long period of time, renting equipment will be a better option. Leasing is also an option as it has the advantage of not putting down a bunch of money up front, but still gives you the option to purchase at the end of the lease.

Equipment Rental F.A.Q.

Most people have tons of questions when it comes to equipment rentals. Here are a few of the most popular questions customers have:

What Types of Equipment Rentals Do You Offer?

ShoutWire helps customers rent tons of different types of equipment including excavators, backhoes, skidsteers, bulldozers, earthmoving equipment, loaders, graders, generators, aerial lifts, forklifts, cleaning machines and more.

Is Delivery Included in the Rental Rates?

Some companies include delivery and pick up fees in their rates/quotes, while some do not. When you are gathering price quotes be sure to ask for the total fees including delivery.

Are There Rent to Purchase Options?

Yes long term rentals/leases are offered by most of our partners. Leasing is a great option for those who need equipment rentals for an extended duration of time.

Who Are the Top Equipment Manufacturers?

There are a bunch of great equipment manufacturers including Genie, Cat, Mitsubishi, JLG, Case, Kubota, Toyota, Komatsu, John Deere and many more.

Is Certification of Training Required to Operate Equipment?

Yes, in many cases heavy equipment requires the operator to complete training and or certification classes. Operating heavy equipment without proper training is not only illegal, but it is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injuries.

What Are Typical Equipment Rental Durations?

Companies typically offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental durations. Many companies bill every 4 weeks instead of at the beginning of each month.