How Much Does A/C Repair Cost?

Most repairs to a central air conditioning unit will cost around $400 - $700. Some small A/C repairs can cost as little as $99, and some repairs can run as high as $850. A/C units are complicated machines that have many parts, so there is a wide range of costs for air conditioning unit repairs depending on the part and the severity of the problem. This in depth A/C repair guide will help answer all of your questions, while helping you save time and money on AC repairs.

Air Conditioning Unit Repair Cost Breakdown:

Replacing VS. Repairing an Air Conditioning Unit?

Many homeowners think that replacing an air conditioning unit is the smart, low cost option, but this isn't always the case. According to Energy Star, if your AC unit is more than 10 years old, or it has a low S.E.E.R. rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating), it is probably a better idea to replace your unit instead of repairing it. By replacing an old unit with a newer one you can save hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars on energy bills. A reliable HVAC contractor will give you the cost breakdown and let you know which option is best for your specific needs during an inspection of your A/C unit.

Typical AC Repair Costs

There are a ton of minor, quick fixes to A/C units, here are a few of the most common:

  • New Thermostat - $150
  • Condensate Pump Replacement - $175
  • Outdoor Condensing Unit Fan Motor - $300
  • Control Circuit Boards - $250

Factors That Affect AC Repair Costs

There are a ton of different types of AC units, which creates a large range in repair costs. Here are some of the factors that will determine how much you will need to pay to fix an AC unit:

  • Air Conditioning System Type - If your unit is only a cooling unit then repairs will be less expensive compared to a unit that both heats and cools.
  • AC Unit Fuel Type - Electric AC unit repairs are typically the lowest priced, while natural gas and propane AC unit repairs will cost slightly more.
  • Age Of Unit - Older units are often more expensive to repair, and they are also less efficient, which often times makes replacing the unit altogether a smarter choice.
AC Repairs
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Common Air Conditioning Unit Problems

  • HVAC System Not Running Properly - This could be due to a number of problems with the power source, controls or thermostat and typically costs around $135 to fix.
  • A/C Unit Running Loud - Typically involves adjusting or changing filters and valves and usually costs around $150.
  • High Energy Bills - Performing routine maintenance or minor tweaks to your AC unit can cost as low as $100, but save you a ton on your energy bills.
  • AC Temperature Control/Thermostat Problems - If you are having trouble regulating the temperature of the air then you probably need to replace or repair the thermostat, which typically costs around $165.

Proper A/C Unit Maintenance Can Prevent The Need For Many AC Repairs

Routine maintenance such as replacing and cleaning air filters is a great way to avoid serious problems to your air conditioning unit. Maintenance costs are typically only a fraction of what actual AC repair will end up costing.

Tips for Choosing the Right AC Repair Pro

Choosing the right HVAC contractor is crucial when it comes to getting your unit up and running as quickly as affordably possible. When hiring an A/C repairman it's always a good idea to compare quotes from a few different contractors, as well as selecting an A/C repair specialist with good reviews. Here at ShoutWire you can quickly compare rates on AC repairs from the top rated contractors in your area in just a few minutes.