How Much Does Leak Detection Cost?

The average cost for leak detection service is around $135. A good indicator that you have a water leak somewhere inside your home is that your water bill suddenly increased a significant amount. Water leaks cost homeowners millions of dollars each year. Leak detection costs can range anywhere from $75 to more than $350 depending on the type of equipment needed, the type of water leak, and the location of the leak. Finding and fixing leaks ASAP can reduce your water bill and prevent the need for costly additional services such as water damage restoration.

Water Leak Detection Cost Breakdown:

Factors That Influence Leak Detection Costs

Here are a few of the factors that influence how much you will pay for leak detection services:

  • Location of Leak - If the leak is in an area that is hard to access then leak detection costs will go up.
  • Type of Leak - A Category 3 leak (black water leak) is the most expensive and also the most urgent to fix. Black water leaks are dangerous to both humans and animals. Category 1 and 2 leaks are less expensive, but they still require immediate attention.
  • Equipment Needed - If special electronic leak detection equipment is required to find a leak then the price of service will go up.
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Tips For Hiring a Leak Detection Company

When you are looking for a great price on leak detection service it's always a good idea to compare rates from multiple companies, as it's the only way to know that you are getting the best price. When you are in the process of obtaining price quotes, don't be afraid to tell the plumbers that another plumbing contractor has better rates, as most companies will gladly beat the price of their competition. While the cost of leak detection service is probably your main concern, it's important that you only work with licensed and insured companies. All of the leak detection pros you'll find here on ShoutWire have been screened for quality control and are known for their excellent prices and services.